Building Your Wealth

Does your expectation of a comfortable retirement seem uncertain?


Let's be realistic.  Most success is built on discipline.  To succeed today,  your retirement dreams will build upon a foundation of frugality - sacrificing today for a better tomorrow.

If you can bring that discipline, this workshop can show you how to develop a realistic strategy to deploy your savings in a logical way.   You will gain an overview of how different investment types of investments and tax shelters work together for the best outcome.   The program is not intended to sell securities or other financial products.  It is strictly oriented to guide you on the right paths for your circumstances, giving you the basics for an educated choice among financial products and tax shelter alternatives.

Would you buy a car with your only source of automotive knowledge being the sales person?  Not likely.  Yet, when it comes to the much larger impact decisions relating to their future financial security, most Canadians rely totally on their financial adviser.  This program will give you the insight to ask the right questions of financial advisers and learn some basic investment terminology.  You probably picked up the use of new terms and measures when you bought your first home.  Investing is no different.  You will also come to see what aspects of investing you can comfortably take on yourself with a self directed account and which ones are best left for a financial adviser.

 Retiring successfully is the outcome of getting the best after tax return from your savings, while taking care of the needs of you and your family as they arise.  Even if the investments do not carry the term "retirement".   Attending to the most imminent needs first provides the positive feedback, the sense of accomplishment to stay on track to attain your hopes for retirement.  

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 A four session workshop to empower you with the knowledge to succeed

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We meet the fictional Smith family and learn how they meet life's challenges and make their decisions along the road to retirement.

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